☾* Weekend Finds

☾* Weekend Finds

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I love my Quay’s in this black, so when I found these dupes.. I was sold!! They come in 7 different colors. Click here to see all the colors of sunglasses! I can’t believe what a good dupe they are!! We all need a pair!! 

Since we are already talking about great sunglass finds... Kelsey sent me this pic last night. 

Aren’t these so cute??!! Click here to grab these shades! I also found more colors here! I love these too!! If you prefer sunglasses with out the nose piece.. go with these!! 

Also- I have to share these canvas tote bags! They are so cute!!! If you have an upcoming trip or need a gift for someone... we found it!! There is a tote for everyone! They are large & you can just throw things in & go!! #perfectforlife

They have so many different ones! 

Lake Life Tote .. click here

Road Trip bag.. click here

Weekend Vibes Tote.. click here

Summer Vibes... click here

Mom Life Tote.. click here

Getaway Tote.. click here

Joyful Tote.. click here! There is also a blessed tote..click here

Pool Side tote .. click here

Girls Weekend .. click here

Honeymoon Vibes Tote.. click here

•The must have tunic tank... click here!! Best tank ever!! I promise!! Comes in all sizes and colors!!! #listentolala You can read yesterday’s blog post all about the tank.. click here!! 


•CC earrings

•Boy/girl kids loafers! Perfect for Easter. 

•Shannon’s favorite sponges


My Saturday Baseball outfit...
“He only loves his bat & his mama...I’m sorry” I pray that’s always the case! 🤞🏼

You guys!! Have you snagged this leopard lightweight utility leopard jacket from the ☾* yet?? If not- you need to grab it!! It’s so light, but still warm! 
•Click here for our jacket. I am wearing a medium. I like my jackets to fit a bit big so when I do layer under them, it doesn’t feel tight. I have to be able to move my arms & not start freaking out. #icanbeahotmess
I have on the MUST HAVE tunic tank! I am telling you... I wear one everyday! Do you see how it adds the perfect length? And no extra bulk??!! It smooths everything out. I have on the size small. 
•Click here for tank. I am 5’4 for reference. Order one now!! Trust me!  
•Sunglasses- are Quay, but check out the amazing dupes I posted about earlier! Click here
•Shoes are Steve Madden- Shannon got them for me for Christmas.. and they are my favorite!
•Shoes .. click here! Fit true to size.. I am wearing a size 7. Make sure you spray them down with the Apple Garde.. click here! 
•My leggins are Zella. Click here! They fit true to size. I am in a size small. 
•Earrings.. click here! We only have a few more left.

Shannon’s Saturday outfit...

Isn’t she the cutest!! How on earth is she a grandma?!? 
•Amazon leopard leggings ... click here! They are so cute! 
•The MUST HAVE TANK (do you see how amazing it is yet?? Just slap that baby on with anything & it makes it legging appropriate!) Click here
•Purse strap... click here
•Watch Band... click here!
•Planner inserts.. click here!  

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•Link to MODERE that I take everyday. Click here
Use code 4621296 at check out for $10 off. 
•Link to MODERE Carb blockers I use & love. Click here
•I am ordering this MODERE Sleep Health on my next auto ship. Click here! ( I do not sell MODERE, I am just a happy customer.)
• Link to a powdered collagen.. click here
•Link to Amazon Carb Blockers... click here
•Link to Amazon Sleep Aid ... click here
•Link to poach egg cooker I shared on stories.. click here
•Link to the scale I use. Click here! And I found this one that does a lot more... click here
•Link to the Fit Track scale. Click here
•Link to arm weights I use. Click here! And here! And here are less expensive ones! 
•Link to yoga blocks I use... click here! I love them! 
•Link to the water bottle Kelsey & I use everyday!! This thing is the best!! Click here! You will love it too!! 

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