☾* Fashion Trends! Get ready!!

☾* Fashion Trends! Get ready!!

Welcome back to the ☾*! 

We are talking 2021 Fashion Trends! I love seeing all the new trends that evolve every year. I know some people are always afraid of the new trends, but don’t be! You can work them in with your own style and have fun! 

Yep! Hope on the train! Because it’s rolling in!! We have found some of the cutest things with shoulder pads!! So.. stayed tuned!! The oversized boyfriend blazer... bring on those shoulder pads! 

🌟Claw hair clips/ banana clips! 
If you have worn shoulder pads before, you will definitely know about the banana clip! If you haven’t.. get ready!! We all love a messy bun & this will spice up that updo! I found the cutest ones on Amazon. 
Click here & here

🌟Neon & Bright Colors! 
Neon has been back for awhile, but it’s not going anywhere just yet! I love, love me some highlighter neon yellow!! You don’t think you can pull off neon?? Well! YOU CAN! There is something about the bright color on people that just looks so great!! And I swear you feel happier! 

🌟Checkerboard print! 
This print has been big for awhile, but we will be seeing more of it! So, if you don’t own a pair of Vans yet- start there. I love checkerboard print! Black and white are always classic & adding any color along with it always makes it pop! 

🌟Loose, baggy trousers! 
They can be baggy boyfriend jeans or baggy trousers.. but I am here for it!! So many options to style & and they are so comfy. 


I will stop there & share more upcoming trends later. Which trends are you most excited for? Which ones made you cringe? Fashion is fun! We can change our entire day by dressing in something that makes us feel confident. I do not think anything Is more beautiful than a confident women! 

Thank you for following along with the ☾*! 




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