☾* The EVENING Night Purse Strap

☾* The EVENING Night Purse Strap

                       Welcome 2 the ☾* Blog! 

This is Part 2 of the purse strap craze! If you didn’t read yesterday’s post.. stop now.. and read that one first! 

I shared yesterday all the fun ways to style your everyday purse with fun purse straps. Today.. I am sharing how to turn your purse into the perfect “night out” purse! 
I first saw this look on Pinterest and thought it was so gorgeous! The pearl strap makes any purse perfect for a night out on the town! I bet you didn’t know how bad you all needed purse straps, did you?!

 Well,,, Now .. you know!! 

I found several cute ones on Amazon & Etsy. We are hoping we can find the perfect vendor and have them on the ☾* website soon! Would you want one? Do you love the pearls? I think pearls make any outfit perfect! My next purse strap is going to be this one!!⤵️⤵️
I am on the look out for a pearl crossbody strap. (I found this pic on Pinterest)

All the heart eyes for this strap!! 😍😍😍

Happy Friday!! I will be back on Monday! Have a great weekend! 

Thank you all for following along with the ☾*. 

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