☾* Sunshine Tienda Earrings

☾* Sunshine Tienda Earrings

Welcome back to the ☾*! 

We are so excited about the new earrings we have now on our website!
They are so unique & different! 
We all knew the instance we saw them, we had to buy! They are made of Buffalo Horn. {I actually had no idea they were horn when we were swooning all over them.} The description on the website says... “earrings are made from all-natural material and as such the horn color may vary slightly from what is shown. While all horn is very similar in appearance, no two are exactly the same. This guarantees the uniqueness of each piece and ensures your amazing jewelry is truly one of a kind! The horn for this piece is sourced via traditional cultural methods from Vietnamese Water Buffalo.  The animals are not harmed in any way to obtain their horn.”

If you haven’t checked out the earrings, I will leave the link here. We love every pair they make!!! Do you love them?? Which ones are your favorite? Would you like us to get more styles and colors?? Let us know!! 

If you want to check out all the earrings we have available.. click here
These leopard ones are adorable! Click here

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