☾* Easter Activities

☾* Easter Activities

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I can not  believe Spring Break starts next week! I was working on some of our Spring Break plans when I realized I also needed to start planning some Easter fun! I am hoping we will have a much better Easter this year than last year. I don’t know exactly how Easter will look this year, but I do want to make it exciting for the family! I found some fun games I know everyone can enjoy! Any of these would go great in an a Easter basket! #yourwelcome 


1 •Bean Bag Toss Game


2 •Bucket Stilts


3 •Bean Bag Toss


4 •Potato Sack Race 


5 •Egg & Spoon Race Game


6 •Train of Thought 


I can’t wait to get some of these games ordered. I can hear all the laughter now. 🥰

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