☾* Resolutions

☾* Resolutions

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When you hear “Resolutions” you probably think of New Year Resolutions & starting January 1st. Most start the first day of every year with a check list on “how to be a better you.” I am all about trying to make myself better & making my own list, but I learned along time ago starting on January 1st doesn’t work for me. I don’t know why, but I need a good pep month to get myself rallied up for all my improvements. {and there is always  a lot!} So, my New Year always begins when Lent starts. Whatever religion you are... is besides the point. It’s just the perfect time to start a 40 day change.  And it works for me!! So sharing... maybe it will work for you. It’s 40 days of sacrificing & pushing myself to be better. Also, giving up things I love & doing more things I should be doing during the lent season really motivates me. The quiet time I also embrace. Praying, reading, writing or even day dreaming is a must during my 40 days. So friends.. let’s get started on our 40 day make over! Lent begins February 17 & ends April 3. I always have a few things I “give up” each year. I am hesitate to share because to you it might be nothing, but to me it’s everything!! And I say that in the most dramatic way possible!! Every year my “new me journey” begins with no salt. I am sure you went & read the sentence again. It’s true. My name is Lala & I am addicted to salt. I love salt! I want to salt everything. Every year I give it up. I think about it every time I eat.. but I don’t cheat. I will say a prayer or say positive thought for someone I am thinking about.  But you better believe the minute lent is over.. I am salting everything. The other thing I give up every year... is shopping. This is one thing I find harder not to cheat at! I can hear you all judgeing  me... but I give up salt! And I don’t cheat on that! ;)  This year.. I will give up salt, but now co-owning the ☾*, I don’t think I can give up shopping all together. I have to supply content for my ☾* friends!! I am actually doing this for all of you. I will shop this year & take one for the team! But all jokes aside... I really will be working on a better me. 
I have a much longer list of things I “give up” or improve ... but I won’t bore y’all anymore.  I am mainly writing the post - to let y’all know if the New Year didn’t start off like you wanted.. let’s begin February 17! Commit to 40 days. I BET you will like beginning your resolutions during lent. And since I am a huge gambler {if you didn’t know.. my name is Lala & I am addicted to salt & love to gamble} {I have so many faults! 🙈} but ... I BET it will be easier during the lent season to start our change. It’s such a beautiful time. It’s actually something My family & I look forward to each year. We share a lot of what will be sacrificing, but many things we keep to ourselves. We do more things as family & really try to remember what the next 40 days is all about. I can’t wait to start! 
 I will be back on Wednesday! Ash Wednesday... and can’t wait to start our Resolutions & Sacrifices together! 

Have a great Monday! 

Thank you for following along with the ☾*! 

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