☾* Q&A

☾* Q&A

                     Welcome back 2 the ☾*  Blog

I hope you all had a great weekend. 
I wanted to put together a little Q&A so y’all can get to know “the ladies behind the ☾*”.
So Let’s started! 

🌟Q- What is your favorite color to wear? 
     A- LEOPARD! 🐆  I am pretty sure I am speaking for all 3 of us!! #leopardloversforlife

2nd fav color... is our kids sports team.. whatever that color is... we will all have it on LOUD & PROUD! {plus a little leopard} 

🌟Q- Are you all related?
     A- Yes! We are all family!! 🤎 Shannon is my sis in law & Kelsey is her daughter ... and my niece! Shannon & I are married to brothers. We all have been going strong for over 2 decades. 

🌟Q- Do y’all have kids? 
     A- Yes!! We all have kids!! The kids in our family are all our worlds!
•Shannon is married to Jaime. They have 3 kids- Kelsey, Austin & Trace & 2 perfect grandkids.
•Kelsey is married to Bryan & they have 2 kids, Raeleigh & Hudsen.  (Kelsey’s babies are Shannon’s grand babies) They also have a Golden Retriever named Max & 2 Betta fish. 
•Lori is married to Jeff, Jaime’s brother. 
Jeff & I have 2 boys... Jax & Asher. We also have 3 Golden Doodles - Lucy, Cooper & Sully. You probably will be hearing a lot about my Doodles. You have been warned! 😉

🌟 Q- Where do y’all live? 
      A- Shannon & Kelsey live in OKC. Lori lives in TX. Our business is online, so it’s easy to operate from two different states. However, it would be ideal if we were all together in one place. #maybeoneday

🌟 Q-Why did you want to start an on-line biz?? 
      A- We all love shopping & all the new trends. We are passionate about the things we love. We love to share with all our Friends & Family when we find something good!! 
We 🤎 fashion!!
Kelsey & Shannon knew they were going to venture out and start a new business. They called me one day asking me if I wanted to do an online boutique with them. I said “YES”! 🤝
And here we are! We filed all our papers, found someone to design our Logo. {shout out Aaron!!} THEN... the * was born!  It seemed like a snap of a  finger ... and we were up and running. I couldn’t be more proud on how everything is going. We love making new Moon Friends & getting to know you all! We want to hug each one of you for all your support & shopping with us! You are making dreams come true! 

I hope y’all enjoyed this short Q&A! I will save some of the other questions for another post. So stay tuned!
If there is anything else you want to know...  comment below or DM us. 
Make sure to leave a little comment about yourself! We want to get to know y’all!! Also.. make sure you sign up for emails! 

🌟The pic above is all us with our husbands & kids! {we were in Dallas in that pic. Jax was playing in the World Series tournament} Shannon & Jaime’s boys are not in that pictured. We missed Austin & Trace that day... 🇺🇸but here is a pic of them ⤵️⤵️. 

         Thank you all for following along with the ☾* . 

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🌟This one is so good! 
🌟Also love this one
🌟Love this so much! 

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