☾* Our 1st Market Experience

☾* Our 1st Market Experience

                           Welcome 2 the ☾* Blog! 

               Our first experience at Market ...

We were all 3 so excited about going to our first Market in Dallas. It has always been something we all have always wanted to do. We love to shop, right?? So-it has to be great!! We did actually have such a fun time. We learned so much and still have so much to learn. We attended Market for 2 days. The cash & carry was so much fun. We all realized we like instant gratification!! We love buying things & leaving with them! When you have items in your hand- it’s such an excitement! Unfortunately, most vendors do not work that way. You shop their clothes & buy.. and they mail it out. Sometimes it ships before you even leave Market... and some items won’t ship for many more weeks. Since we do not have a ton of items to begin with.. we just have to wait. And waiting is hard for these 3 ladies!! But- we are excited to show you when they come in! Plus, we can’t wait to return to Market in March. We will be a bit more comfortable & know a little more.. and hopefully we will pick so many great things to bring back for y’all! 
Have any of y’all been to Market? What was experience like? Plz share!! We want to know your fav vendors, places to eat, everything!! We hope to write many more post on our blog about our experience starting the 🌙. We hope it will be helpful for anyone wanting to start their own gig!! Please comment below and let us know all your experiences with Market. Also, let us know if you have any questions we can answer? Spring & Summer are right around the corner & we are thrilled to start getting all those clothes in! What Spring trends have you seen that you have been loving??  Not loving?? Share! Share! Share!! 

Thank you all for following along with the Moon. ☾* 

PS- the pic above is of Kelsey, Lori & Shannon. 
We had just made our first purchase as a boutique. I can not tell you how exciting that was!!  We will always cherish this pic- because that’s when we knew- THIS IS HAPPENING! 🌙✨We think we saw the 🌙 smile. ;) 

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