☾* Kimonos and Cover-ups👙 & MORE ~ Part 2

☾* Kimonos and Cover-ups👙 & MORE ~ Part 2

Welcome back to the ☾* blog! 

Today I am sharing some more Kimonos & Cover-ups & a few other things we are loving! I think all these would be perfect for the pool or with any outfit you want to add an extra touch too! 

Let’s get started! 

Black Flower Kimono (click here) 

Colorful Feather Kimono (click here)

 • White Eyelet Kimono (click here) 

American Flag Kimono (click here) 

Multi-light colored Kimono (click here)   

Dark multi colored Kimono (click here) 

Zebra Kimono (click here)  

 • Solid black kimono 

Straw Belts (click here) 

I think these belts would be so cute worn with any of the kimonos for a completely different look! You get all 4 for $20! 

Also, I love all the straw hats! I linked a few of the ones I found. 

Foldable Straw Visor (click here) 

Straw Fedora (click here) 

Straw Visor (click here)  

Straw Wicker Earrings (click here) 

Boho straw wicker earrings (click here) 


Summer Earrings (click here) You get all 9 pairs for $14! 

Straw Beach Tote (click here)

I hope you found some items you loved! Let me know which one is your fav! 

I think the feather colorful kimono is my favorite & the straw visor! 

Thank you for following the ☾*! 

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Whyyyyy did I click on this page!! I’m in trouble!! Alll of these are fabulous!!

Maggie Lucio

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