☾* Happy Mother’s Day

☾* Happy Mother’s Day

Welcome back to the ☾* blog! 

Shannon, Kelsey & I would love to wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day!! If you are a mom or not- I know we all can give praise to a special Mom figure or a special Dad that is doing all the “Mom” things! We salute you all!! 💜 

If you need a last minute gift.. we are here for you!! We have ☾* Gift Cards. Once you purchase, it will be available immediately. (Click here

 Also, if you need any “Breakfast in Bed” ideas... I found & thought it had some great ideas!! (Pic from Pinterest) 

I have to share... I got my Mom’s Day gift early. 
Meet Gilley #doodlemom4life (click here to read about my Pet Tips & see pics of my other Doodles.) 

Have the best weekend!!

Thank you so much for following the ☾*!! 

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