☾* Game Day Essentials

☾* Game Day Essentials

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Hope everyone had a great weekend. We all were at the baseball/softball fields the entire weekend. It’s really the only life we know. I thought I would share a few “Game Day Must Haves.” I normally always leave my game day bags packed, because you never know when you will need any of it. Today, I am going to talk about my “Cold Game Day Essentials”. I will save my “Warmer Game Day Essentials” for another post. 
 I know the weather is going to start warming up... and I can’t wait! However, I still always carry the “cold stuff” with me. You never know when the temps will drop & you will need them! 

1) • The Comfy- click here! This baby is so warm!! It’s a wearable blanket. It’s amazing! I prefer to wear this rather than a big bulky jacket. Also, I am warmer in this than my bulky jacket!! It’s great for cold games or just staying warm around the house. They also make The Comfy for kids. Click here! This is perfect because they can still run around, but keep warm!! (It comes in so many different colors and prints. Also, this would make a great gift for anyone that’s always cold!) 

2) • Stadium Bag- click here! We all use these & swear by them. There are so many different ones & they are all good! Click here  & here for some other options. They are almost like a sleeping bag. You crawl in & zip them up. 

3) • Stadium Seats- click here! Jeff & I both use these stadium chairs. If we forget them.. we are miserable. They provide so much comfort and support. It’s like watching the game from your favorite chair at home! I have a purple one. I just saw this one when I was linking the chairs! I might need this one!! Heated seats!! #sold (We also always carry our fold up lounge chairs. School sports.. we normally have the Stadium Seats for the bleachers & other sport activity- we take our chairs. This is my absolute fav chair. Click here! I love that it has the built in canopy. Also- it’s so easy to fold up!! I can not handle trying to get the foldable chair in those darn little bags! This one just folds down & you clip it shut. It also has the shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. I also love this chair & this one! Here is a canopy folding chair option for kids.. click here. Also, check this one out for kids! This one would come in handy when you want to feed them or do a little activity to keep them busy. This would be a great gift for any sport mom with littles.) 

4) • Face Mask- click here! Texas is about to be 100% open & face mask will not be required, but I will still wear this one when it’s cold!! You guys... if you get one thing from this post.. this is it!! It totally changed my cold weather experience. If I have this mask on, I stay so much warmer! It goes over your ears, mouth & nose. It fits so comfy. I have bought one for almost everyone we sit with at the games. I also think they would fit great on small kids since they velcro, but if you need something a bit smaller, here is a great one for the small ones. Click here

5) • Hand warmers- click here! We normally just use the single use hand warmers. I had no idea there was a rechargeable hand warmer! What a great idea!! #addtocart

6) • Large clear bag- click here! I stumbled on this one day when I was at Target. It was in the dollar spot. I just saw a big clear bag & knew I could use it for something! I later learned it was for bulletin & poster storage. Who knew?! I use it to carry all my blankets & coats! It’s clear, so that helps for the stadium rules. Plus, it’s so easy to wipe clean after the games! I have never seen one since I bought mine.. so I was so happy to find some on Amazon for y’all. It would also be such a great fundraiser to sell if you needed to make some extra cash for your sport’s team. You can add a sports decal like I did on mine & make it look like it was made just for your team!  Who knew Lala could be a designer!? (Click here for a set of 3 large bags) 

7) • Portable Heater - click here! We love this thing! So do all our friends that all gather around us to stay warm! I also found this one that is half the price. 

* 8) • Sports Shelter Tent Pod- click here! ( * So sorry- I forgot to add this to the pic! 🤦🏼‍♀️) This is a must have if you are a mom with small kids. It allows you to watch the game, but still keep your younger babies warm. Plus, you have them confined in one spot! #highfive #praisehands! 🙌🏼 This tent pod is perfect on the really windy or raining days. (I also saw this blanket & pillow set. It’s normally used for camping, but it would be great when you need to lay your littles down for a nap inside the Tent Pod! My boys are 7 years apart & it was & still is a struggle to keep the kids comfortable during long tournaments when the weather is cold.) (I love this pod is bigger and can easily fit more than one inside!) (this is an item you do not want to wait to buy until you are at a freezing game & have to leave because it’s so darn cold for the kids. I have been there way too many times. So snag this now.) 

9) • Portable phone charger - click here! Well... we all know why we need this! We also have this one & love it just as much! 

 I hope you enjoyed today’s post & found some items you don’t already have! Like I mentioned before, we always keep these things handy all year round. We mainly use them for game days, but have found so many other uses for these things. (Camping, cook outs, when the electricity went out in Texas because of the snow storm, etc) All these items would also makes such great gifts for your sport obsessed families! Start shopping & stocking up now... I do not want you to be stuck at a game saying “I wish I would have listened to Lala”. ;)
If you have any “must have game day essentials” ... plz share!! I love to know any tips you guys have!! 

Also, if you missed this weekends blog post ... click here to read that. We linked so many great finds!! Shannon & I also shared what we wore to the games yesterday. Links for everything are in the post. We would love to hear any feedback you have on any of our post! We love working on the blog & always want to provide you with tips, tricks & fashion! Also, every time you click on our links & especially when purchase thru our links- this helps us so much! The more activity we have - will help us grow & to bring you all more content in the future! So, click & shop away!!!
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➡️ Today’s outfit that we posted on our social 

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• jacket is from the ☾* ... click here!  I am wearing size medium. I could wear it everyday! And practically do! 
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• The must have tank!! Click here! Wearing small in black. See- I don’t lie... I wear one EVERYDAY! Have you bought one yet?? I need to know!! (Read blog post here about tank!)
• Spanx Pants... click here! I swear by these! I have the black ones & the denim, click here for denim. I wear a medium in the Spanx pants, I would say they run small. They suck you in, but it all the right places!! Plus, it’s a great alternative to not wearing leggings everyday! Which I am in no way against!! #legginglover -  I wear a small in Spanx leggings for reference. 
• Adidas Superstar sneakers.... click here! I am a true size 7, but in these I size down to a 6. They run big. I bought my shoes here. I love the platform ones- click here! And I love these
• Apple Garde- click here! I spray all my shoes & purses with this! It helps keep them protected. (Read blog post here!)
• Silver moon necklace (similar to mine) ... click here
• Similar silver earrings... click here
• ☾* jewelry ... click here

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WoW!!! You take the anxiety & frustration out of looking for items you see in advertisements! What a PLUS! I have often thought what a luxury it would be for any type of advertisement to have foot notes on every item in the picture. From the consumers point of view we can purchase without surfing the entire web for days, & from the sellers point of view you can’t make money any faster!!!
Great Job Lala! I also want to agree with you 💯 on how wonderful & warn the “comfy” really is! And the colors they come in are gorgeous…mine is a soft butter-yellow. When it’s really cold & windy outside & you have to get out & battle the strong Texas wind, the comfy stays in place and doesn’t fly up & off your body like most jackets do. The comfy blocks $ prevents the cold wind from blowing right threw you! It’s the warmest cover up I own.


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