☾* Cookies and a waffle maker

☾* Cookies and a waffle maker

                   Welcome back to the ☾* blog! 

If you know me, you know cooking isn’t my favorite. I have always wanted to be “that Mom” that cooks so good & everyone always ask me for the recipe, but I’m not. {people do ask me where I bought something.. so high five to me for being “that mom!”} My kids do tolerate my cooking, but they don’t love it. My husband is a great cook. So we are not ever missing meals around this house!
However, if I can buy a store bought cookie and slap it in a waffle maker & it turn out fantastic... you bet I am going to share!! I might even tell my family I came up with the idea! 

Do I have y’all intrigued? Maybe you have already seen this on Instagram or Tiktok.. but humor me & act like I am a genius!

All you have to do is take the sugar cookie & put it in your warm waffle maker.    Sister... it taste like a donut!! A warm, fresh out of the oven,,, donut!! I have never made donuts, but I have eaten many.. so I find myself a donut expert. 🍩 

How good does that look?? ⬆️⬆️⬆️
If you have a leopard waffle maker...like myself, I love you so much already! 
I actually bought this leopard waffle maker for my husband for Christmas. He was thrilled! I am sure you can imagine his excitement. 🤨 

Sooo, go make the donut cookie! And tag us in it!! 

Thank you for following along with the ☾*! 

🌟 I bought Jeff’s waffle maker at Target
🌟 I found more on Amazon. 
🌟 BedBath&Beyond waffle maker 
🌟 Cookies from Market Street.

 🌟pink heart waffle maker at Walmart 

🌟 Kohl’s waffle maker 

🌟Macy’s waffle maker 

🌟Similar clear dinner plates 

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