☾* Closet Staple

☾* Closet Staple

Welcome back to the ☾*! 

Hope everyone has a great Friday & fun weekend! Today, I am sharing my most loved closet staple! When I say loved.. I mean it!! It is the best piece of clothing I have ever bought! 
I love to layer. I also love anything that fits oversized. Meet my favorite layering tank
This is a perfect 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 tank
If I could give it 10 stars, I would!! It’s that great!! 
The brand is Daily Ritual & it’s name fits it perfectly! I swear to you, I wear one almost everyday! I have every color & multiple sizes in most colors. If I am wearing a tank under a cardigan.. I wear my true size in the tank.  If I am laying under a shirt or wearing it with leggings, I size up for extra length. If you aren’t sure on the sizing, just go with your normal size. It’s suppose to fit oversized and have a tunic fit.
You guys, I want to order more just to sleep in! 

It’s so soft & hangs perfectly. It comes in 7 different colors & also comes in all sizes from XS-XXL. I pinky promise- you will be hooked & want every color! 
Trust me when I say YOU NEED IT! Not only does it look so cute- with EVERYTHING, but it gives you more confident in what you are wearing because it covers your bottom, with out the extra bulk! 
So, go add to you cart & check out.. because they do sell out. 
As soon as you get it in the mail- try it on.. then call me & tell me how much you love it!  I will be waiting!! 
#lalaknows #solistentome #youwilllove

Also, I have been loving these hair clips!! It’s so easy to pull up your hair & go! The colors are perfect to match all your outfits. They are going to be great for summer. Definitely a pool must have for our wet hair that needs to be pulled up! 

•I just saw these cute earrings! And they are on sale! 

•Boy/girl kids loafers! Perfect for Easter. 

•Shannon’s favorite sponges

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