☾* Closet Clean-out

☾* Closet Clean-out

                      Welcome back to the ☾* blog! 

Today we are talking Closet Cleanouts! 
Oooohhh... this is so hard for me! I do not like cleaning out my closet. I always find 100 excuses why I can’t get rid of things. Growing up,  I didn’t have a lot of things. We were a middle class family & we had to live on a budget & were always waiting on payday. I have always taken great care of my things & love mixing old trends with new trends.. so I hung on to everything! As embarrassing as it is.. I still have a few things from high school in my closet now. I am convinced I will wear it again one day!
#nojudgwment #andnoneedtomentionwhenigraduated    I know we shouldn’t hold on to anything that doesn’t “spark joy”.. but I spent $$ on those things & I don’t want to rebuy them!! I might NEED it one day!! I know I can’t be the only one that has anxiety over getting rid of clothes, shoes & jewelry. I asked Kelsey & Shannon & they said they clean out their closet about once a year & also have a hard time letting go. #mypeople #weshouldstartaclub #maybeasupportgroup
However, with all that being said.. I am going to be better about letting go! 
So.. join me ladies! We can do this! #godgiveusstrenth

Let’s begin! We are getting rid of the things... 

1. We have not worn in the last year.. {maybe give yourself a little grace since we have been thru a pandemic and haven’t worn much except lounge wear...}

2. Any shoes that hurt! Shoes that hurt are feet.. are not our friends!! 

3. This one is the hardest... our expensive mistakes! 
We all have them... something we spent way too much $$ on. But so much guilt... of letting it go! Try selling it and making some of that $ back! Gift it to a friend that will be so grateful and wear the heck out of it! {make sure it’s a great friend .. a friend that will give it back when you see how fabulous it looks on her!}

4. Bras & panties ... that just need to be thrown away! You all know which ones I am referring too! Again.. why is it so hard!?! Those are the best! The good worn out under garments! It’s time ladies, we have to get rid of them! 

5. Things that don’t fit. {well... there went the rest of my entire closet! 🤦🏼‍♀️} 

We can start small. We will start by taking baby steps. Maybe just start off with #1 & #2 right now. 
#3 we are going to need extra time with that one. Start saying goodbye now & maybe take some selfie’s with that expensive mistake! 
#4 - As soon as we see anything that falls under #4.. throw it away ASAP! Don’t even think about it!! Just toss! 
By the time we finally get to #5.. maybe all our clothes that didn’t fit- will now fit! I am starting that diet now!! 

Is it hard for y’all to let go of things?? Maybe if we did more closet clean-outs, we would not be so bonded with so much?? How many closet clean-outs do you do a year? 
Tell me about the “expensive mistakes” you’ve made, but know it’s time to say “goodbye”. I need to know!! 

We got this ladies! We are stronger together! 🤝


* I found the above pic on Cosmo. I knew we could all relate to it. 😉 Ooh the love I use to have for Cosmo. Such words of wisdom! 👩‍❤️‍👨
That might need to be another blog post. 

Thank you for following along with the ☾*!! 

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