☾* Spotlight

☾* Spotlight

Welcome back to the ☾*! 

Today we are doing a special “Spotlight” on one of the co-owners of the ☾*!  Let’s get started... 

🌙 Tell us about yourself, family & your business...

🌟 “My name is Kelsey & I am from Oklahoma.  I am one of the co-owners of the ☾*  boutique.
 I have 2 precious kids and my sweet hubby.
I have started with ‘happy co to help people around me have energy that last all day, to loose weight & to help with stress/anxiety and motivation. It’s made with 100% natural Ingredients.” (Click here to learn more!


🌙 What items do you have to offer? 

🌟”We offer coffee, lemonade and shakes.” (Click here


🌙 How do we order? 

🌟 “You can order from my Website!” 

I went on to order and their website is so user friendly. They give discounts for being on auto-ship. Which I love anything that auto ships. I also played around with the site & it’s so simple to change your order or delay it until you are ready. Also, the more items you order, you get an even bigger discount! All the products sound amazing! 

If you have any questions or want more info- plz leave your name in the comments and Kelsey will get back to you!! I know I am so excited to get my order of Happy Coffee. ☕️

Happy Friday!! 
Thank you for following the *! 









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