☾* Favorite Amazon Finds

☾* Favorite Amazon Finds

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Today, I am sharing about one of my favorite Amazon products. I always have this stocked in my house. 
Apple Brand Garde Spray- Have you used it? If you have, I am sure we share the same love for this amazing product. The description on the product reads: “Product your leather bags and binders from the elements with Apple Garde Rain and Stain Repellent. It acts as a water repellent and provides stain resistance to all your leather, suede and fabrics, whether you're pre-treating a new bag or using it as a follow-up after reconditioning. This leather protector spray is easy to use and will not leave a filmy residue or change the color or the texture of your item. It also creates an invisible barrier that prevents further stains.”

I started using this years ago. I first purchased the spray to use on my LV purse. Yes, that’s right.. I spray every bag I buy with this amazing stuff! It even says on the Amazon description that it works great on Vachetta leather.. which is what the LV leather is. You can read so many reviews of people raving about it. 
I now use it on all my purses & everything else I want to protect & keep looking new! It’s great on UGG boots, booties & sneakers! So whatever purse I am carrying or pair of shoes I am wearing.. I ensure you, I have sprayed everything down with Apple Brand Garde! It gives me piece of mind that my items will be well protected! I also use it on all my boys shoes. 

I haven’t ever used the Apple Leather Cleaner & Care, but I am ordering that right now! I will keep you posted on how that works! The reviews and pictures are so good! 

I can’t wait for you to all try the Apple Brand Garde, if you haven’t already! Purses and shoes are an investment that we all want to take care of. I know this gives me piece of mind to know my items are protected from everyday wear. I know you all will love it as much as I do! 

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